Worry Eaters® - Wanda

Worry Eaters® - Wanda



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3 years & up. Afraid of the dark? Homework problems? Trouble with friends? Whatever is bothering you - your Worry Eater is here to help.

Simply write or draw your worry on a piece of paper, feed it to your Worry Eater, zip up the mouth, and your Worry Eater will hold on to them so you don't have to! Together you'll get through it! Worry Eaters® is a plush toy. It is intended to comfort a child. The design of the toy, which incorporates a zipper at the mouth, allows a child to insert into the mouth slips of paper bearing words that might describe a worry or a concern of the child.

Using laundry bag, machine wash Worry Eaters® in cold water using the gentle cycle, air dry. Measures 13"H.