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Working in the Reggio Way
A Beginners Guide for American Teachers

Working in the Reggio Way
A Beginners Guide for American Teachers



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Working in the Reggio Way

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Are you curious about the Reggio Emilia approach but not quite sure where to begin? Working in the Reggio Way helps early childhood teachers bring the reflective, high-quality practices of Reggio Emilia to American programs. Based on an American teacher's experience observing and working in the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, this book informs you about the practical, day-to-day elements of Reggio-inspired ways. 

You will learn about the: 

• Physical environment and space in which children learn
• Organization of both the children's and teacher's time
• Reggio approach to curriculum through progettazione, or projects
• Observation, documentation, and questioning that give life to the curriculum 
• Participation of family and community in the learning process 

Working in the Reggio Way asks you to reexamine your view of the child, and to align your program with your values, the hallmark of Reggio practice. It also includes interactive activities for individual or group reflection to help transform your work with Reggio tools.

Julianne Wurm

Julianne Wurm is the author of a best-selling Working in the Reggio Way: A Beginner's Guide for American Teachers, which is based on the original research she conducted while living in...

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