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Wild About Group Time

Wild About Group Time



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Wild About Group Time

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The playful learning approach and unique educational content in Wild About Group Time teaches children key literacy skills. The 100 plans follow a literacy scope and sequence so teachers can help children develop and practice the literacy skills they need to be successful readers. Each chapter focuses on a familiar early childhood topic, such as friends, feelings, colors, and houses and homes.

Each activity includes:
·    A list of vocabulary words
·    Learning goals and literacy focus
·    Ideas to simplify an activity or make it more challenging
·    Questions to assess children's learning
·    A list of related books to share with children

With all the educational fun of Between the Lions, Wild About Group Time brings literacy learning into the classroom in a whole new way!

Between the Lions Staff

The Between the Lions television program was created by award-winning producers of high-quality educational children’s television working closely with literacy experts, reading specialists, and teachers from around the country. The curriculum framework...

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