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Through a Child’s Eyes
How Classroom Design Inspires Learning and Wonder

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Through a Child’s Eyes Excerpt


Through a Child’s Eyes
How Classroom Design Inspires Learning and Wonder



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When was the last time you got down on your hands and knees to see your classroom from a child’s height? Research shows that effective early childhood classroom design begins from the ground up.

Classroom design is a crucial component of an effective learning environment. Through a Child’s Eyes: How Classroom Design Inspires Learning and Wonder brings a new approach to classroom design that begins and ends with the child’s viewpoint. Each chapter details how the classroom environment influences children’s learning, and the authors provide specific examples of how educators can use the children’s perspective to make their classrooms a place of joy and possibility.  

  • Identify ways to improve your classroom environment and design that will stimulate learning, reduce challenging behaviors, and inspire children’s innate sense of wonder
  • Transform everyday objects into useful classroom elements that invite curiosity, provide sensory explorations, and fuel creative learning
  • Explore quick, easy, and affordable DIY projects to develop learning areas 
Sandra Duncan, EdD

With over 45 years of experience in the early care and education field and a doctorate in education, Dr. Duncan has extensive experience in working with young children and parents,...

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Jody Martin

Jody Martin has 35 years of extensive and diverse experience in the early childhood field.  She taught preschool, directed a childcare center and worked at the corporate offices of two...

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Sally Haughey

Sally Haughey is the founder and owner of Fairy Dust Teaching, a company committed to the growth and empowerment of teachers. After 20 years of successfully teaching in various school...

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“Through a Child’s Eyes underscores the need to look holistically and intentionally at classroom design, and its impact on a child’s experience. It builds upon an essential thesis, giving us one more important calculus: that the experience of a child is best narrated, shaped and understood through their vantage point. Although a seemingly simple construct, it opens up a world of possibility in how we can create inspiring experiences for children both universally and contextually through design. Through A Child’s Eyes changes the way we see.”

Gary Bilezikian
President of GuideCraft

“I love this book! Through a Child’s Eyes is a must-read for any thoughtful, intentional educator wanting to make the indoor learning environment the most powerful third-teacher it can be. This refreshing approach to developing the physical environment encourages educators to see the world from the vantage point of young children. It’s a reminder to us all that children are the most important part of any early childhood classroom. Acknowledging the powerful role of the environment in learning, the authors provide concrete ideas for transforming spaces into places for children. This results in a meaningful, authentic, child-centered learning environment—the goal for any early childhood classroom.”

Rachel A. Larimore
Samara Early Learning, Founder & Owner

“If your favorite home makeover show were to get together with an in-depth early childhood seminar - this book would be the result. And, everyone in the field of early childhood benefits from the union. The authors do an incredible job of marrying the ideals of design to what research tells us children need for optimal growth and development. Teachers will look at their classrooms with new eyes as they seek to create spaces that best support children's learning and engagement. The book synthesizes research and provides practical ideas and captivating pictures to guide teachers in transforming their classrooms from mere physical locations to spaces of wonder and beauty. ”

Michelle Salcedo
The Sunshine House: Chief Academic Officer

“I have always believed in the philosophy that the classroom environment serves as a teacher of young children, and this book beautifully supports that theory. Illustrations that clearly illuminate each idea and the inclusion of specific cases studies lend credibility to each principle. I was particularly intrigued by the section on classroom balance ("balancing the canoe"). Also, support for the use of artifacts found in nature and authentic objects will be particularly useful for both new and veteran teachers alike. I love to visit classrooms with a plethora of loose parts, and the authors have made a strong case for the importance of using these types of objects. Overall, this is a wonderful resource book for teachers and schools seeking a unique approach to classroom design; one that honors the wonder of early childhood and the curiosity and wisdom of young children. I would highly recommend Through a Child's Eyes!”

Mary Terrass
New Horizon Academy Executive Vice President