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The Weekly Curriculum Book
52 Complete Preschool Themes

The Weekly Curriculum Book
52 Complete Preschool Themes



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The Weekly Curriculum Book

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What will the children in your class do Monday morning? Take the stress out of planning with The Weekly Curriculum Book. Each of the 52 theme-based plans includes enough activities to fill an entire week, covering such fundamental curriculum areas as math, music, movement, language, science, and art. The wide range of creative topics, from "Think Warm Thoughts Week" to "Dr. Seuss's Birthday," combine learning with fun. With The Weekly Curriculum Book, you can add pizzazz to your teaching plans and make every day of the year a festive occasion!

Themes include:
The First Week of School
National Pretzel Month
Children's Book Week
Hugging Day
The Five Senses
Learning With Ladybugs
Art Museum
Table Talk
Mushy Mud
…and many more!

Each Weekly Curriculum includes:
Weekly Vocabulary
An Activity to Introduce the Weekly Theme
Weekly Extension Activities
Related Children's Books
Learning Center Ideas

Barbara Backer

Barbara Backer, MEd, is an early childhood consultant and freelance writer who taught preschool for 20 years. She has written extensively for preschool teachers and parents of preschool children, having...

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