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The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business

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The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business Excerpt


The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business



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The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business

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Now that you’ve identified the market need for high-quality child care and you’ve taken the first steps to building your practice, what’s next? How do you ensure quality care? How do you create a culture of growth and stem turnover?

The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business, the second book in The Business of Child Care series, explains how to develop and lead a high-quality program where children can play and learn in the care of a well-educated, committed, and trained workforce. Explore key questions that shape understanding:

  • What are the root causes of turnover?
  • How do you set the culture of your organization?
  • How can you build the best team for your organization?
  • How do you construct professional-development plans for sustained growth?
Marnie Forestieri, CDA

CEO and founder of Young Innovators Academy, Marnie is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for introducing innovative approaches and business models. As a successful operator of large child-care...

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“This book is wonderful. Mind blowing for all childcare and Early childhood educators. A must read for all business owners and passionate Early Childhood Educators.”

Erika Seger
Chief of Empowerment, Young Innovators Academies