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Social and Emotional Well Being
A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children series

Social and Emotional Well Being
A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children series



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Learning to lead a healthy lifestyle begins during the early years. Part of the Growing, Growing Strong series, this body care curriculum includes activities and background information to help children develop lifelong healthy habits.

Children's social and emotional skills form a critical foundation for learning and wellness that guide them into adulthood and influence how they deal with both successes and adversity in life. These activities support children as they learn about self-esteem, emotions and feelings, family and friends, and changes in life.

This book includes

An overview of the social and emotional well-being topics covered in the curriculum
Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the learning environment
Learning objectives and vocabulary words
Suggestions for evaluating children's understanding of each social and emotional well-being topic
More than 30 classroom activities
Family information and take-home activities

Dr. Connie Jo Smith

Biography: Dr. Connie Jo Smith is passionate about encouraging curiosity, creativity, and problem solving in children and adults. Exploring playful ways to learn and live life are of increasing importance to...

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Charlotte Hendricks

Dr. Charlotte M. Hendricks, president and founder of www.childhealthonline.org, has promoted health education for young children, parents, and teachers for over thirty years. Her career in early childhood health education began...

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Becky S Bennett EdD

Biography: Dr. Becky S. Bennett has over thirty years of experience as a career and employment counselor, writer, and trainer/teacher. She is co-owner of Beco Consulting, which provides workshops in the...

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