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School-to-Home Connections
Simple Strategies for Early Childhood

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School-to-Home Connections Excerpt


School-to-Home Connections
Simple Strategies for Early Childhood



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School-to-Home Connections

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Children are the heart of meaningful family engagement. 

Children are the inspiration for positive family-provider relationships that are essential for promoting healthy child development and learning.  

School-to-Home Connections is bursting with ideas for early childhood educators. Inside, you’ll find simple ways to explain developmentally appropriate practice to parents, ideas on partnering with them on their child’s journey to school readiness, and tips for nurturing families’ active involvement in the school community. Along the way, you discover information on:

  • Understanding the power of play
  • Encouraging children’s individuality and uniqueness
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Supporting children’s development across key domains
  • Nurturing in nature
  • Addressing challenging behaviors
  • Transitioning to a new class or school

Each chapter includes suggestions for connecting parents with the classroom, the program, and the wider school community. When parents and teachers partner, children thrive! 

Cathryn O’Sullivan, EdM

Cathryn O’Sullivan is a consultant in early childhood development. She has worked in a number of areas in the field including as the founding principal of Bloom Early Childhood Centre...

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