Preschool Classroom Management 150 Teacher-Tested Techniques

ISBN: 9780876592915
Pages: 224
Publisher: Gryphon House
Item Number: 15524

Preschool Classroom Management

150 Teacher-Tested Techniques

Sharon Lynch Laverne Warner

An essential resource that all teachers will appreciate! Written by two experienced teachers, Preschool Classroom Management offers solutions and suggestions to help you tackle behavior issues in the classroom. Chapters include working with challenging behaviors, teaching alternative behaviors, building a caring community in the classroom, teacher tips and techniques, and dealing with daily routines and schedules.

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Preschool Classroom Management

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Sharon Lynch

Attached are three mock-ups for the different sections (excuse the Seahawks photos, first ones on my desktop…) As I was going through, I couldn’t really envision a single that would accommodate the needs of all three. Feel free to tear it apart as needed. Board I’m okay with having a paragraph bio on this page in addition to their photos and links to their resume and a longer bio. There’s no more than 2 candidates for the position. Some other thoughts as I was putting this together: - I have “Resume” and “View Bio” but it might be easier if within EE it’s something closer to “Supporting Documents” and we can label what each is. Some provide CVs while others give resumes so we’d need the flexibility to indicate that. - One concern I had was with the name, title, institution section. Some people have long titles and/or long institution names so I don’t know if I have it laid out in the best way to address that. Regions & States - The issue with this page is that it could quickly grow very large. It’s laid out chronologically by Region and then nested within that would be the states that belong to their respective Regions (if applicable.) I removed the bios and was thinking that we could have them instead be a modal window. There will only ever be 2 candidates for Regional directors. I’m trying to confirm how many state level candidates there are but I haven’t heard back yet. The mock-up shows 4 but it could be just 2. Because the page could get long, we were thinking that it might be good to have a way to quickly jump down to a selected Region. Knowledge Communities This is the fun one. Terms last for 2 years but people move around a lot so there are typically quite a few elections happening. The other issue is that people can run as co-chairs so we’d want to clearly show that, as well as just a single candidate. That also means that it’ll need to be flexible enough to accommodate chair vs. chair, co-chair vs. co-chair, and chair vs. co-chair arrangements within the same election (and the need for two resumes, etc.) The rest would work pretty similar to what we’d have for the Regions and KCs. Hopefully the wireframes and additional information clears things up. I’ll be around all evening if you’d like me to highlight anything else that might come up.

Laverne Warner

Laverne Warner, Ph.D. is Professor Emerita in the Department of Language, Literacy, and Special Populations at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. Previously, she taught public school for nine years in Texas, Indiana, and Vermont. She received both a Texas AEYC Teacher Educator of the Year Award and an Excellence in Teaching Award from SHSU in 1992, and was President of the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children from 1995 to 1997. Laverne served as representative from Texas for the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA) from 2001 to 2003. She is the author of nine books for early childhood teachers and has published over 100 articles in journals across the country.

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