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Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency

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Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency Excerpt


Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency



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Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency

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Storms, flooding, earthquakes, epidemics, tornadoes, fire. You hope it never happens, but you know you need to be ready. Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency, the second book in the Preparing for the Unexpected Series, will train you for a worst-case scenario.

While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s easier when you break it down. Emergency-preparedness expert Andrew Roszak will teach you how to:

  • Reduce potential harm or damage
  • Develop and test emergency action plans
  • Empower staff to respond effectively
  • Satisfy licensing and other regulatory requirements
  • Act quickly to protect lives and property
  • Make families more prepared
  • Develop relationships with local emergency-response organizations
  • Limit the amount of time your business is closed
  • Pick up the pieces and return to normal

You can’t stop a disaster from happening, especially when Mother Nature is the force behind it. But, you can be ready to act when it does.

Andrew Roszak, JD, MPA, EMT-P

Andrew Roszak, JD, MPA, EMT-P, serves as the Executive Director at the Institute for Childhood Preparedness, an organization that works to enhance emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for early childhood...

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“Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency is an invaluable resource for early childhood programs. Andrew Roszak provides a history of disasters and their impact on early childhood programs to shed light on the timeliness of this topic. Emergency preparedness is not a solitary conversation or plan, but an ongoing awareness of potential crises and a continual updating of procedures to follow if disaster does strike. Roszak clearly explains a step by step process of assessing community risk, learning local regulations/requirements, and putting a viable plan together to ensure your early childhood program is well prepared for any unexpected event that may come your way. This book will serve as an excellent guide for any learning facilities to perfect their emergency preparedness preparation and response.”

Jaclyn Powers
Professional Development Specialist, Child Care Aware of Virginia

“Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency is an excellent resource for preschool directors, parents and emergency management professionals! As communities struggle with preparing schools in response to the recurring violent attacks on our most vulnerable population the private daycare community has been left to fend for themselves; Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency fills the gap. Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency is a comprehensive explanation in plain language of what can be done to better prepare a daycare for the endless possibilities threaten our children. Andy covers the basics from fire drills and tornadoes to the most relevant concern today with infectious diseases like COVID-19 or the flu. As a father of two school aged children as well as an Emergency Manager this is close to my heart and I'm very glad for the work that Andy and the Institute for Childhood Preparedness is doing to help protect our future.”

Cullen Case Jr.
Senior Manager, Business Continuity for BeTheMatch -or- Program Manager of the Radiation Injury Treatment Network