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Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days, Rev.

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Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days, Rev. Excerpt


Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days, Rev.



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Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days, Rev.

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In this updated version of the classic original, teachers and caregivers will enjoy the warm and witty pages of wise words passed down from a veteran early childhood educator. The beautiful, full-color interior of Never, Ever Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days is a delight to read and the perfect gift, both for new teachers and for those who have been in education for years.

Shirley Raines

Shirley Raines, EdD, served as president of the University of Memphis and was the first woman to hold that position. She is now president emerita and spends her time speaking,...

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“"Never, EVER, Serve Sugary Snacks On Rainy Days," subtitled "And Other Words of Wisdom for Teachers of Young Children" is a favorite teacher's inspiration manual filled with warm, right pictures of children learning and playing and appropriate sage words of advice to their teachers. At first it seems as though the book is written for children too, but then it becomes more clear that the book is written with a loving awareness of the child in each of us. Here is one page's statement, captioning a widely smiling, active boy: "so never apologize when the children tell their parents, "All we did was play." Here is another: "Respect little people for what they can do today, not for what they are supposed to do tomorrow." This small, friendly teacher's manual is full of pleasant creative ideas for improving learning experiences for young children. This book is a favorite gift and tribute to your child's teacher, or to anyone who loves young children and cares about their education. ”

Nancy Lorraine
Midwest Book Review