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Lose the Lecture
Engaging Approaches to Early Childhood Professional Learning

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Lose the Lecture Excerpt


Lose the Lecture
Engaging Approaches to Early Childhood Professional Learning



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Lose the Lecture

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Professional development is important, but early childhood professionals get just as bored, worn out, and disengaged from learning as their younger counterparts do. But while pre-K and K–12 classroom learning continues to evolve and improve, adult learners are often left by the wayside! There must be a better way.

Lose the Lecture brings administrators, coaches, and facilitators a new approach to professional development and adult learning that focuses on the learners—how they think, what they need, and what motivates them to grow.

Learn how to:

  • Teach adult learners in the ways they learn best
  • Facilitate meaningful group learning
  • Engage participants in honest communication and reflection

This book features tips, tools, and strategies to help you turn professional learning from a dreaded requirement to a meaningful opportunity. The best part? There’s no slide deck!

Teresa A. Byington, PhD

Teresa Byington, PhD, is a professional-learning veteran with deep experience as a facilitator, trainer, speaker, and professional. She is currently a professor/state specialist in early childhood education for the University of...

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“Lose the Lecture is a book I've been waiting for! This is a comprehensive professional resource with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use approach to supporting high quality professional development in a variety of ways. The focus is on providing professional learning experiences that result in lasting learning - it's not just about fun workshop activities. This book offers modern techniques to support adult learning and backs them up with stories, forms, and resources. Lose the Lecture should be on every professional development provider's bookshelf.”

Karen Nemeth
Author of Many Languages, Building Connections: Supporting Infants and Toddlers who are Dual Language Learners, Families & Educators Together, etc. Lead Consultant, Language Castle LLC

“If you are a Professional Development Provider, Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Leader, Administrator, or Supervisor in Early Childhood Intervention then this book is for you! Lose the Lecture addresses key components for effective facilitation, engaging adult learners and provides resources and examples around leadership. Lose the Lecture includes a plethora of tables, activities, and appendices which are loaded with “How To” resources, examples, guides and tools which can be used as is or modified with little effort to address the needs of a particular audience. After reading Lose the Lecture I have numerous ideas for how to apply what I learned and can’t wait to share some of them with my colleagues and mentors.”

Sarah Nichols
Professional Development Specialist, Early Intervention Training Program at the University of Illinois

“Lose the Lecture is a remarkable book and will truly be an asset to early childhood professionals across the globe. I highly recommend this book! It will be a widely utilized resource that trainers, coaches, and early childhood directors will revisit and consult as they prepare for their trainings, coaching sessions, before meeting with teaching staff. This inspiring book includes a multitude of techniques to teach and meet the needs of adult learners, ways to coach and mentor individuals using the Reflective Strengths-Based Coaching Model, and several methods to become a more effective trainer. I cannot wait to incorporate Lose the Lecture into our current programming and it will be a great addition to our Early Childhood Lending Library. ”

Danielle Holmes
Program Director, The Childrens Cabinet

“I’ve researched, purchased and read several books throughout my years as an Early Childhood student, professional, trainer, QRIS coach and now QRIS coordinator, and Lose The Lecture is by far the best! As I read the book, I found myself getting excited and taking notes on how to implement all the great ideas into my career. Reading this book, inspires me to apply the new techniques, and focus on improving my training delivery to community partners and staff. Lose the Lecture was written in a clear and concise way that made it easy to follow. Teresa provided and clarified definitions and acronyms for terms that are commonly used in the Early Childhood field. I really enjoyed reading Teresa Byington’s personal stories of people who mentored and inspired her, real life examples on how to implement the given strategies that she uses herself in the field, and also sharing tons of resources with step by step instructions. I can relate so much to this book and can’t wait to purchase a copy for each of my coaches and program leaders! I’m ready to train, mentor and coach with a purpose!”

Shunica Stiles
QRIS Coordinator, The Childrens Cabinet

“When I became an instructional coach, I cannot tell you the amount of time and energy I would have saved myself as I struggled to figure it all out on my own. If I only had this book in my hand. Byington does the work for you and lays it out perfectly in an easy to follow guide. Since incorporating her ideas, my evaluation forms have shifted from average to above average and numerous participants have come up after thanking me for such a great experience. My favorite part of the book and what I feel that readers will appreciate most is the numerous engagement strategies found in chapter 12 and all the handouts found in the appendices. Never be at a loss of how to engage participants again. These will rock your world! This book is worth its weight in gold.”

Kelly May
Las Vegas Clark County Library District; Outreach Education Coordinator

“Have you been looking for an all-in-one guide to effective professional development, coaching and facilitating effective training sessions for adults? Your search ends here. Teresa Byington provides a comprehensive and practical guide for engaged professional learning. She primes the reader for each chapter using story examples which are relatable to early childhood professionals. Teresa fully explores effective strategies for strengthening relationships, building a community of practice, using a coaching model, meeting the needs of diverse learners and becoming and effective trainer. Sample forms, resources and handouts are provided to support the transforming process. Do not hesitate to delve into this powerful guide and 'Lose the Lecture'.”

Cathryn Peshlakai, M.A.Ed
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

“After reading Lose the Lecture it is clear that this book will provide beneficial information for anyone either moving into or already in a leadership role. This book provides clear case studies that are relatable, ideas to encourage effective leadership, coaching tips and clearly defines the importance of being an effective leader for your organization. This book is genuine and an easy read. Lose the Lecture is a book that will provide fantastic ideas for seasoned coaches and leaders and step by step activities and stories for new leaders. This book should be in the hands of any leader that wants to step up their game and provide the best for their organization. Leaders who use Lose the Lecture will advocate for quality leadership that will provide quality teachers! A must to keep on the bookshelf!”

Denise Sidney
College of Southern Nevada ECE Instructor

“This book is phenomenal. As a Family & Consumer Sciences Agent for the University of Georgia Extension program, part of my job involves teaching early childhood child care professionals to help them attain their required yearly continuing education hours. Lose the Lecture has given me so many new ideas that will help me be a better trainer, and it has challenged me to think of several ways I can improve on the way I teach. I learned so many new ideas and activities I can use during my next professional learning session. I feel like this is a must buy for anyone who teaches or works with early childhood professionals.”

Susan L. Moore
University of Georgia Extension - Family & Consumer Sciences Agent