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Learning Is in Bloom
Cultivating Outdoor Explorations

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Learning Is in Bloom Excerpt


Learning Is in Bloom
Cultivating Outdoor Explorations



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Learning Is in Bloom

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The movement to connect young children with nature continues to grow, as more parents and educators become passionate about bringing learning outdoors and letting children explore outside the bounds of traditional lessons. In the full-color Learning Is in Bloom, teachers and caregivers will find 40 hands-on activities effective in engaging young children in investigating nature, both indoors and outdoors, on the school grounds, and on excursions around the neighborhood. Through fostering a love of nature, the activities promote all areas of early childhood education and development.

Readers will learn how to support child-directed explorations within all kinds of learning in a nature-rich setting, including:

  • Science investigations
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Art explorations
  • Literacy development 
Ruth Wilson, PhD

Dr. Ruth Wilson works as an educational consultant and curriculum writer with special expertise in the area of early childhood environmental education and other initiatives in connecting young children with...

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Learning Is in Bloom has won the Academic's Choice Awards, and Creative Child Magazine Awards (2016 Preferred Choice Award).

“I think that this is a great book and I plan to use it throughout my son's school year. The book is colorful and engaging. I can't wait to begin our nature adventures.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“The book was well designed, with a lot of great information and ideas to make outside exploration fun and easy. I am not an outdoorsy person (too many bugs) so the many resources contained within the book are a bonus for me. There are so many ways to make the outdoors memorable and fun.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“This book teaches the parent and children to hone their observation skills. It also teaches children about the planet that we share through neat activities such as building habitats with Legos or other building materials.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“A fresh look and brilliant primer in early childhood environmental education curriculum! We need this book to be infused in our pre-service education of teachers. Dr. Wilson zeroes on the most pertinent cognitive, dispositional, and skill development approaches - ones that are positive, encourage self-discoveries, and build ties with the natural outdoors as the most effective ways of teaching and learning.”

Yash Bhagwanji
Ph.D. Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry, College of Education, Florida Atlantic University