Inspiring Spaces for Young Children

ISBN: 9780876593172
Pages: 240
Publisher: Gryphon House
Item Number: 10722

Inspiring Spaces for Young Children

Jessica DeViney Sandra Duncan Sara Harris Mary Ann Rody Lois Rosenberry

The classroom environment is an essential component for maximizing learning experiences for young children. Inspiring Spaces for Young Children invites teachers to enhance children’s educational environment in a beautiful way by emphasizing aesthetic environmental qualities that are often overlooked in early childhood classrooms, such as nature, color, furnishings, textures, displays, lighting, and focal points. 

Step-by-step instructions and lush photographs take educators through the process of transforming ordinary classrooms into creative, beautiful learning spaces, providing children with an environment where they can learn and grow.  

With easy-to-implement ideas that incorporate nature, children’s artwork, and everyday classroom materials, the photographs and ideas in this book promote creativity, learning, and simple beauty.

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Inspiring Spaces for Young Children

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More about Inspiring Spaces for Young Children

"My agency manages a large NAEYC accreditation facilitation project. We have used the book, Inspiring Spaces for Young Children and the ROSIE Observation Scale for Inspiring Environments for training and technical assistance to inform project participants of the important ways design and the aesthetics of the classroom environment affect the overall learning experienced by the children in their care. Using the design principles, they assess their own space, and tie outcomes to meeting accreditation requirements. We have used the book and the Rosie Scale to assist over 40 providers to become NAEYC accredited since 2011. We consider it to be an essential tool for our work." - Sherry L. Trebus, MA, Child Care Policy and Quality Assurance Manager, Workforce Solutions of Central Texas, Workforce Development Board, Belton, Texas

"When you open the resource book Inspiring Spaces for Young Children, you can’t help but want to transform your classroom immediately.  The unique and beautiful images paint a picture of an environment that is esthetically pleasing and comforting to be in.  The authors have balanced the layout of the book with just the right amount of pictures and information to give you a starting place to imagine your own inspiring environment. They have suggested ideas to use what you already have in new ways, and then tossed in a bit of nature, authentic pieces, art and culture.  A perfect recipe for an inspired classroom!"- Jody L. Martin, Vice President of Education and Training, Creme de la Creme

Jessica DeViney

Jessica DeViney has been an employee of Children’s Discovery Center since 1993 and is currently the vice president of marketing. She lives in Maumee, Ohio.

Sandra Duncan

With over 45 years of experience in the early care and education field and a doctorate in education, Dr. Duncan has extensive experience in working with young children and parents, teaching at the university level (doctorate students and early childhood students), PDA specialist for CDA candidates, designing and writing professional development programs for practitioners, and authoring several teacher resource books including Inspiring Spaces for Young Children and Rating Observation Scale for Inspiring Environments (ROSIE).  As the former owner of eleven early childhood programs (i.e., well baby clinic, reading diagnostic clinic, park and recreation, programs for special rights children, preschool, and child care) and current owner of eleven before- and after-school programs serving over 1,100 school agers for three public school systems, Dr. Duncan has a wide and varied background in early care and education. Most importantly, she is the proud grandma of Sierra Elizabeth.

Sara Harris

Sara Harris has more than 10 years' experience working directly with child care centers. She has served as an art studio teacher, creative director, administrator, project coordinator, and design consultant. As her knowledge of child-related environments has grown, so has her ability to design creative and inspiring spaces. She has a bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University and a masters degree from the University of Kentucky. She lives in Maumee, Ohio.

Mary Ann Rody

Mary Ann Rody is currently chief operating officer for Children’s Discovery Center, Inc. Before assuming operations for the company, Rody worked as a kindergarten teacher, an administrator, and a human resource manager. She is a past president of Toledo AEYC. She lives in Maumee, Ohio.

Lois Rosenberry

Lois Rosenberry is the founder of Children’s Discovery Center, a child care company with eight locations serving 1500 children. She has lectured at national conferences, authored kindergarten curriculum, and worked as a child care consultant for private and public organizations. She lives in Holland, Ohio.

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