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Inspiring Professional Growth
Empowering Strategies to Lead, Motivate, and Engage Early Childhood Teachers

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Inspiring Professional Growth Excerpt


Inspiring Professional Growth
Empowering Strategies to Lead, Motivate, and Engage Early Childhood Teachers



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Inspiring Professional Growth

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You’ve probably seen it: frustration builds, teacher turnover rises, staff meetings become insufferable, indifference breeds throughout the school. Spark change! When your staff feels supported and empowered to grow and develop their skills, your program and the children will thrive.

Inspiring Professional Growth, the follow-up to Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership, addresses the need for offering nurturing and empowering professional development. This book provides leaders with a framework to create a system that supports teachers throughout their careers.

Acquire, evolve, and master new leadership skills:

  • Gain confidence in your leadership role
  • Establish a growth culture
  • Find effective ways to work with challenging staff members
  • Cultivate collaboration and collective goal setting
  • Facilitate meaningful professional development
Susan MacDonald, MEd

Susan MacDonald, MEd, is the founder of Inspiring New Perspectives, a consultancy focused on empowering educational leaders to create programs that deeply respect and nurture possibilities that lie within each child, parent,...

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“I am literally filled with excitement and flooded with ideas of how I can better support early childhood professionals and schools after reading Susan’s book. The framework, tools, and resources are ready to use and can be adopted in whole or part to support growth cultures immediately. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in supporting their own growth and those of others toward the shared goal of increasing quality and advancing equity within early childhood education.”

Cassandra O'Neill
Founder and CEO of Leadership Alchemy LLC

“Susan MacDonald’s new book is an indispensable resource for any early childhood leader who is serious about developing a thriving professional growth culture within their early childhood program. She provides impactful strategies for leaders to motivate and engage Early Childhood Teachers in gaining the knowledge and skills they need to ensure better outcomes for the children and families in their programs. It is a must for your professional library!”

Browen Lloyd
Coordinator, Child Care Centres Policy and Program Development

“This book is a must-have for new and seasoned administrators alike! In addition to drawing upon relevant research, Susan also provides a myriad of practical application strategies that can be implemented immediately. The format of this book not only invites readers to follow along with a real-life administrator and her journey of leadership growth, but the extensive list of resources and action steps that are interwoven throughout the entire text are sure to benefit all educators, their programs and ultimately, the students they serve.”

Heather Gaskins
M.F.C.S. Consultant State Support Team Region 1

“Susan MacDonald has delivered another MUST HAVE book for Early Childhood Leaders. I feel this is a powerful tool for emerging and established leaders, many of us have the same struggles with teacher development. Susan's practical strategies for growth are easy to understand and support intentional development of our teachers. As a leader who has read and lived by her book, Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership, this book has helped me to continue my growth and strengthen my team.”

Joni Weiglin
Center Director, Kids Country

“I brought the hot-off-the-presses Inspiring Professional Growth to a meeting of international early childhood educators. Within 2 minutes, the book disappeared from my table and was passed around the room without stopping. What did they love about it? Leadership! A path ahead on professional development! A down-to-earth recipe for independent professional development plans. Susan reminds you to observe, reflect, converse, practice and, in that order, gain the new skills required to deliver quality early care and education.”

Beth Fredericks
Early Childhood Consultant