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Innovations: The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum

Innovations: The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum



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The Innovations series is a complete, interactive curriculum for infants and toddlers. In addition to the wealth of activities, each book includes these critical components: applying child development theory to everyday experiences; using assessment to meet individual developmental needs; using the physical environment as a learning tool; developing a partner relationship with parents; fostering an interactive climate in the classroom; and educating parents.

The Innovations series is a unique combination of the practical and theoretical. It combines them in a way that supports beginning teachers, informs experienced teachers, and provides a complete program for every teacher!

Kay Albrecht

“The strength of Innovations is the wonderful integration of child development principles, theory, and practice. The result is a perfect blend of grounded knowledge, practical experience, and curriculum ideas that...

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Linda G. Miller

Linda Miller is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant for early childhood programs, leading her own company, Innovations in Education, Inc. She has developed curricula for numerous child care companies...

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Innovations: The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum has won the Early Childhood News Director's Choice Award.