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Innovations: Infant/Toddler Child Development

Innovations: Infant/Toddler Child Development



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Understanding infant and toddler behavior can be a challenge. But this Innovations book provides teacher with a more thorough understanding of the knowledge base that informs early childhood practice. Focusing on the development of children from birth to age three, Innovations gives you an in-depth guide to the early childhood field which begins to address these challenging behaviors in developmentally appropriate ways.

Kay Albrecht

“The strength of Innovations is the wonderful integration of child development principles, theory, and practice. The result is a perfect blend of grounded knowledge, practical experience, and curriculum ideas that...

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Linda G. Miller

Linda Miller is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant for early childhood programs, leading her own company, Innovations in Education, Inc. She has developed curricula for numerous child care companies...

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Innovations: Infant/Toddler Child Development has won the Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award.