Great American Artists for Kids Hands-On Art Experiences in the Styles of Great American Masters

ISBN: 9780935607000
Pages: 144
Publisher: Bright Ring Publishing
Item Number: 27049

Great American Artists for Kids

Hands-On Art Experiences in the Styles of Great American Masters

MaryAnn F. Kohl Kim Solga
Great American Artists for Kids is a full-color, creative collection of 75 easy art-appreciation activities for children ages 4 12. With these inspiring and unique art activities, children experience hands-on the styles and techniques of the greatest of all American masters. Activities stress the process of creating and allow kids to try unusual techniques like soak-stain, color fields, block printing, and stone carving, while also featuring painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, and more. A child-centered biography of each artist is included with a fully illustrated, child-tested art activity. This book includes full-color examples of great works of art, as well as many examples of children's colorful artwork. The included Resource Guide contains additional artist information, such as birthdays, indexes of materials, and internet links for viewing specific art. Kids will explore the lives and works of 80 greats, such as Georgia O'Keeffe Desert Painting; Walt Disney Theme Park Design; Frederick Remington Face Casting; Maya Lin Memorial Plaque; Ansel Adams Portrait Photography; Harriet Powers Applique Fabric Design; Keith Haring Pose & Paint; and Jackson Pollock Action Art. The experience of a hands-on introduction to these great artists and their different styles is certain to be the first step in any child's lifelong love of art.

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Great American Artists for Kids

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MaryAnn F. Kohl

"Projects listed in the book are fun and easy, and require basic supplies that most parents have around anyhow, such as information on great art recipes (such as finger paint, play dough, goop, and bubbles), the process of art, and cleaning up. It also offers older toddlers variations, as well as ideas for the youngest toddlers too." 

Parent Line Newspaper, on First Art

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