Good Morning, Children My First Years in Early Childhood Education

ISBN: 9780876590782
Pages: 192
Publisher: Gryphon House
Item Number: 12745

Good Morning, Children

My First Years in Early Childhood Education

Sophia E. Pappas

Based on her popular Pre-K Now blog, Sophia Pappas’ book Good Morning, Children provides an up-close and personal view of the challenges and successes of a beginning teacher. The book describes daily encounters with students, family members, and administrators; reflects on the state of early childhood education in America; and celebrates the ways the pre-K teacher can help prepare every child to succeed in both school and life.

In chronicling the successes and failures of her first years as an early childhood educator, Ms. Pappas, a veteran of the Teach For America education program, covers a range of topics that both new and experienced educators face in the early childhood classroom. Among other important issues, Ms. Pappas:

* describes the activities, lessons, and teaching techniques she used to help her students learn and grow. * provides smart and witty insights about the importance of classroom preparation, for both the school year and each individual day. * shares ideas about how to interact successfully with over- and under-involved parents and family members, highlighting the critical importance of family involvement to each child’s success. * stresses the significance of listening and adjusting, not only to the needs of the children in your care and to the family members of those children, but, just as important listening and adjusting to your own needs as an educator.

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Sophia E. Pappas

"Sophia provides invaluable insights for policymakers, administrators, and teachers seeking to shape effective early childhood education programs."

Sophia Pappas began her career in early childhood education as a prekindergarten teacher in Newark, New Jersey. She was a model teacher for novice and veteran pre-K educators in her district. She then led Teach For America's efforts to expand Teach For America's presence in center- and school-based early childhood programs across the country. Sophia earned her master's degree in public policy at Harvard University, where she helped start Bright Beginnings, a forum for the exchange of ideas and perspectives on early childhood development and policy. She has remained active in the larger early childhood community by leading professional development sessions at national and regional National Association for the Education of Young Children conferences. Sophia currently works for the New York City Department of Education.

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