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From My Side
Being a child

From My Side
Being a child



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This beautiful book, filled with hundreds of color photographs from many different countries, invites us to look through a window into the lives of children everywhere.

Children are never still. They are always acting and reacting, thinking and speaking, anticipating and reflecting. The photographs in this book illustrate and explore the experience of children, who learn to make sense of their world by interacting with people, places, and objects they encounter in their homes, in public places, in schools, and in daycare centers. We hear the laughter of children dressed for a festival dance, the coos and gurgles of infants in their mothers' arms, and squeals of delight as children skip rocks in a stream. The authors have provided captions and brief essays to expand on their photographs when needed, but often the pictures speak for themselves.

You will come away from this book changed. The compelling story of childhood, told here from the child's point of view, will enrich and inspire your work for and with children.

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Sylvia C. Chard

Dr. Sylvia C. Chard is professor emerita of early childhood education at the University of Alberta, Canada. She has worked at the University of Alberta since 1989 where she was...

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Yvonne Kogan

Yvonne Kogan is cofounder and academic principal of the early childhood and elementary departments of Eton School in Mexico City. She is a consultant on the project approach for several...

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