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Every Child Can Fly:
An Early Childhood Educator’s Guide to Inclusion

Every Child Can Fly:
An Early Childhood Educator’s Guide to Inclusion



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Every child belongs. Every child is unique. Every child has strengths. Every child has the potential to fly.

Inclusion benefits all children! Inclusion—perhaps you believe it is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Not true! Jani Kozlowski, experienced trainer and technical-assistance provider on inclusion and disability services, dispels the myths and shows that implementing high-quality inclusive practices in your program is easier than you think!

Throughout Every Child Can Fly, Kozlowski explores the defining features of high-quality inclusion and shows readers how to provide access and support for children with disabilities. Learn how to help them feel included through strong family involvement, peer relationships, individualized teaching practices, collaborative teaming, ongoing evaluation, and staff professional development.

  • Learn why inclusion is important.
  • Unravel the jargon and acronyms.
  • Understand screening, assessment, and referrals.
  • Learn how to support children in achieving individualized learning goals.
  • Explore inclusive evidence-based teaching practices.
  • Discover how to foster a sense of belonging and acceptance in your program.
Jani Kozlowski, MA

Jani Kozlowski, MA, is a technical assistance specialist at the FPG Child Development Institute at UNC–Chapel Hill. She has served as the inclusion and professional development systems coordinator for the...

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“It is rare to find a well-documented and informative resource that also has an enlightening and engaging narrative. Somehow Jani Kozlowski has woven stories from her personal inclusion journeys throughout a book that also documents the research and foundations, captures the processes, and models the values for quality inclusion. Educators who read this book will recognize young children they have worked with in the vignettes the author uses and gain new insights related to engaging and supporting families, individualizing environments and interactions, and understanding behavior. The 4th edition (2021) of Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs prompts early childhood educators to make decisions that will lead to “a caring, equitable community of learners.” Every Child Can Fly would be a good investment for someone who wants to achieve that goal.”

Camille Catlett
Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG)