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Creative Investigations in Early Math

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Creative Investigations in Early Math Excerpt


Creative Investigations in Early Math



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Creative Investigations in Early Math

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Math crops up in everyday activities in so many ways. You can help preschoolers see math in the petals of a flower, the shape of a window, the bounce of a ball, the growth of a plant, and the repetition of a song. Instead of teaching  math to preschoolers, you can be their guide as they experiment, think about problems, try solutions, gain understanding, and discuss their findings. Creative Investigations in Early Math gives teachers practical ideas for intentionally fostering young children's hands-on explorations in the following areas:

  • Number and number sense
  • Computation
  • Geometry and spatial sense
  • Measurement
  • Data collection and statistics
  • Patterns and relationships

With your guidance, preschoolers can figure out how the world of mathematics works and how math works in their world.

Part of the newly-launched STEAM series. See other titles in the series:

Angela Eckhoff, PhD

Angela Eckhoff, PhD, is an associate professor of Teaching and Learning–Early Childhood Education and director of the Virginia Early Childhood Policy Center at Old Dominion University. She holds a dual...

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“Too often math for young children is only seen as counting by rote and identifying numerals out of context, but mathematics in the preschool years is so much more! Eckhoff’s book, Creative Investigations in Early Math, helps teachers and parents see the many ways young children are interacting with math through play and exploration. Eckhoff organizes the book around the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) content learning standards and provides sample guided inquiry lessons. Each lesson additionally aligns with opportunities for creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to meet 21st Century skills. Suggestions for children’s books are provided in each chapter to help build meaningful connections to real-life skills. With Eckhoff’s help, preschool teachers and parents can allow young children to explore, create and play with mathematics in authentic ways. ”

Karen Lindeman, PhD
Associate Professor, Edinboro University