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Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology

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Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology Excerpt


Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology



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Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology

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Early childhood teachers continue to seek activities that promote STEM-based learning. But most STEM books focus on science and math, excluding technology and engineering. Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology helps teachers create a more well-rounded STEM learning program.

  • Encourage children to think, make, tinker and innovate
  • Introduce engineering skills such as coding in a developmentally appropriate way
  • Leverage children’s use of digital technologies to help them learn new skills
  • Promote active engagement and participation in classroom learning 

Part of the newly-launched STEAM series. See other titles in the series:

Angela Eckhoff, PhD

Angela Eckhoff, PhD, is an associate professor of Teaching and Learning–Early Childhood Education and director of the Virginia Early Childhood Policy Center at Old Dominion University. She holds a dual...

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Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology has won the Teachers' Choice Award for Preschool 2019, and Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award 2018: Creative STEM Book Category.

“This easy to use book is essential for the every early childhood classroom or childcare center. Each chapter clearly outlines developmentally appropriate engineering and technology lessons for young learners. Each of these highly engaging lessons can be delivered with just a bit of pre-planning yet support critical thinking, the acquisition of science content and emergent literacy skills in important ways. For the teacher who is hesitant to teach engineering and technology due to a gap in their own knowledge of engineering and technology this book provides a clear explanation of the 'core ideas', scientific principles, which are taught. The specific, real classroom examples included in each chapter bring the content to life. These well-planned lessons can be used as they are or as a springboard for other engineering and technology lessons.”

Lee Ann Christenson
Associate Professor at Towson University

“Angela Eckhoff shares practical hands-on activities to help young children explore engineering and technology concepts. Her commitment to helping young children ask questions and investigate how things work and to include technologies such as flashlights is critical for early childhood educators who may not realize how many technology tools they already have access to. This practical guide with prompts and supports for educators and parents is a wonderful addition to any library and will be well utilized for educators looking for new ideas to bring STEM into their early childhood setting.”

Tamara Kaldor
Associate Director, TEC Center