Chicken Fun!

Chicken Fun!



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A Dove, iParenting, and Teacher’s Choice Award-winning CD, this down-home music is hand clappin', foot stompin' fun for kids. Snap, clap, wiggle, giggle, and sing along with the rooster as he wakes up the farmer. Children will love to go on a bear hunt, play frog games way down yonder where the possum plays, learn colors with Scat the Cat, and experience spring with butterflies, kites, and ladybugs. Children and adults alike will have a great time grooving to these fun tunes while learning more about the world we love.

Mary Jo Huff

Mary Jo Huff is an award-winning author, recording artist, storyteller, and early childhood educator with more than 40 years of experience. Her CDs have won the NAPPA Gold (National Parenting Publications...

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