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Build Your Dream Team
How to Recruit, Train, and Retain Early Childhood Staff

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Build Your Dream Team Excerpt


Build Your Dream Team
How to Recruit, Train, and Retain Early Childhood Staff



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Finding the right people to staff your center is challenging! Have you ever hired someone you thought was perfect, only to have her leave after a few months? Have you filled a position with a “warm body” to maintain the adult-child ratio because you couldn’t find a more qualified candidate?

Recruiting is an ongoing process that requires reflection, dedication, and importantly, a solid plan. But the plan isn’t always easy to craft, especially when you’re understaffed!

Build Your Dream Team will help you take the first step to creating your plan and will remain your right-hand guide as you hire, onboard, and nurture your new all-stars. Learn how to:

  • master effective recruiting techniques,
  • craft effective job posts,
  • conduct data-based interviews,
  • make job offers more attractive,
  • onboard new employees to make them part of your team,
  • think strategically to plan for growth,
  • work with a diverse staff, and
  • train staff for continual professional growth.
Thomasa Bond, EdD

Thomasa Bond, EdD, has more than 14 years experience as a child care licensing consultant and 30 years in early childhood education. She earned her doctorate in Organizational Leadership and...

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“The book serves complete justice to the title by providing an in-depth, detailed narration of the nuances involved in hiring and retaining individuals that fit your job profile. It presents various realistic, innovative ways of recruiting suitable people for the job: including, collaborative efforts to bridge the gap between Academia and actual work settings. The purpose of the book to emphasize on recruitment as a continuous process as opposed to a short term need by need basis is achieved. The book offers several tools like questionnaires, pre and post tests at different stages to guide an employer during this challenging process. As a consultant working with child care providers, I acknowledge that the tools discussed are relevant, realistic and useful. As part of training and retention of suitable staff, the book gives equal importance to orientation for a new hire as well as ongoing professional development training. In this context, the discussion of age as a variant in a culturally diversified early childhood workforce of today is very appropriate. The description about employees from different generations working together as a team, offers understanding and insight into some conflicts in today’s classrooms. It rightly directs the reader to focus on the importance of universal human values like mutual respect to triumph over culture specific attributes. The book concludes by highlighting the combination of knowledge based training, supportive work atmosphere and morale boosters for building a dream team. ”

Dr. Bagvati Yedur
Child Care Consultant, State of Michigan