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Boosting Brain Power
52 Ways to Use What Science Tells Us

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Boosting Brain Power Excerpt


Boosting Brain Power
52 Ways to Use What Science Tells Us



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If the timing is right, the learning that occurs in the first five years can be a gold mine, promoting valuable cognitive and physical development that lasts a lifetime. Boosting Brain Power provides 52 strategies - one for every week of the year - to help teachers stimulate healthy brain growth in young children. In addition to well-researched strategies, each snippet of information offers teachers evidence-based instructions for how to bring the concepts to life in the classroom.

In this book, teachers will:

  • Be armed with the basics of how young brains grow and how children connect with the world
  • See how important attention, bonding, and communication are in these critical years
  • Explore new ways to boost children’s existing growth and prime them for future learning
Jill Stamm, PhD

Jill Stamm, PhD, is the cofounder of New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development. Dr. Stamm has been an associate clinical professor at Arizona State University in Tempe for more...

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Boosting Brain Power has won the Teacher's Choice Award, and Academic's Choice (Smart Book Awards).

“In this age of "let's let technology do the training" this book is a breath of fresh air. It stresses (without preaching) the importance of real life human interaction as a means to helping our children's brains develop properly. It encourages physical, mental and emotional interaction to help shape a well-rounded individual. I think it should be mandatory reading for people who do childcare as a profession -- so many in-home caretakers use electronics as a means to babysit not realizing how negatively this can affect a child's development.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“The book was carefully crafted and informative.”

Academic's Choice Awards