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Being a Supervisor
Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals

Being a Supervisor
Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals



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Are you aspiring to become a supervisor in an early childhood program? Or, have you been in a leadership role for years? Whatever your experience level, this book provides insight, guidance, and exercises to enhance your leadership skills. Being a Supervisor focuses on eight concepts that will help you transition from leading children to leading adults. You will:

Recognize and feel comfortable in your role as a supervisor
Help adults succeed by expressing clear and reasonable expectations
Create a culture that encourages input and allows for mistakes
Motivate your team through delegation
Communicate honestly and share feedback consistently
Follow through on all tasks
Stay connected by knowing and encouraging each employee
Set a positive tone and be approachable to all staff

Gigi Schweikert

Gigi Schweikert is a popular speaker at early childhood conferences and parenting seminars. She is the author of several books, contributes to early childhood periodicals and journals, including Children and...

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