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30 Fun Ways to Learn About Counting

30 Fun Ways to Learn About Counting



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30 Fun Ways to Learn About Counting

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 A little book that’s full of big fun for children as they learn about counting.

Counting is the foundation for future math learning. Pairing and sorting objects, understanding numbers and quantity, and counting can all be introduced with simple activities. 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Counting brings these skills into the classroom with games and activities that will have children using counting to imagine their way through real-world experiences.

With tips to share with parents and ideas for expanding the activities, 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Counting provides teachers with engrossing learning games that use materials easily found in any early childhood classroom.

Each activity includes:

  • Materials list
  • Vocabulary words
  • Ideas for expanding the activity
  • Learning goals 

With activities that involve counting beats of music, sorting like objects, and counting backwards, children will be using their imaginations while learning basic skills and having fun!

Clare Beswick

Trained as an early childhood teacher, Clare Beswick specializes in working with babies and very young children with special needs and their families. She writes for many early childhood publications,...

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