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Toddler Resources

It is during the toddler years that most children’s language skills blossom and they go from speaking just a handful of words in their first year to complete sentences before they turn three. Singing songs, reading stories and simply talking about what you are doing together will help a child learn new words. If you find that your child is not a natural talker, our resources have activity ideas that can help you support your toddler’s communication and language development.

In addition to an expanding vocabulary, toddlers are learning all sorts of things about the world around them through hands-on exploration and active play. Our resources are designed to help parents, caregivers and teachers facilitate a loving and nurturing learning environment in which toddlers can discover and grow.
From toddler art projects to math for toddlers, you’ll find a full spectrum of educational activity ideas for toddlers in our collection of award winning resources. 

Featured Book

Simple Signing, Revised

Because their vocabularies haven’t yet caught up with their thoughts and emotions, young children often struggle to communicate. Sign language can help them express themselves effectively to adults and peers—without the emotional outbursts caused by frustration! This set equips educators and caregivers with the tools they need to teach young learners how to effectively communicate. 

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The toddler years are unique to each child. Some toddlers are sensitive, while others seem resistant to distress. Some throw tantrums, while others are flexible. Remember that while these changes can be trying for both children and caregivers, testing boundaries and insisting on independence is a sign of healthy toddler development.

Discover expert information on toddler behavior, developmental milestones, activities for toddlers, and more to help you navigate through the highs and lows of caring for toddlers and twos.