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From the moment babies are born, they begin to actively learn. They start to gather information about the world around them using their five senses. Baby brain development studies have found that an infant’s brain doubles in size during the first year of life and that synapses are created at a faster rate during the first three years than any other period in a person’s life.

A child’s earliest experiences can have effects that last of the rest of their lives which is why it’s especially important that parents and caregivers understand cognitive development in infants. Laying the groundwork for learning early on is an investment that will pay back throughout a child's lifetime. Discover fun, simple ways to help infants learn better and more quickly using our infant development resources below!

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The Best for Babies

Caregiver-child interactions are critically important in promoting cognitive, language, and social-emotional learning in young children. With examples and detailed explanations, The Best for Babies illuminates the behaviors and interactions that teachers or care providers should provide for the children in their care.

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Infants develop and grow so quickly. Our books are written by infant development experts and provide all the information you’ll need to know about healthy infant development and many, many wonderful activities ideas for babies that will help them learn and grow. Our books also include baby development milestones to track and provide advice for what to do if you are concerned.

Regardless of the parenting styles, parents all want the best for their children. From infant art activities to music activities for babies, our books are filled with ideas to help you engage with your infant and support their development. Browse our featured collection for parents.