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Some of the earliest lessons we teach young children are focused on health, safety, and nutrition. From good hand washing habits to eating healthy snacks, keeping kids safe and healthy is the number one priority for parents and teachers.

Our easy-to-use health and safety manuals provide educators with the information they need to ensure that the children in their care stay safe and offer health and safety activities for preschoolers to practice. By maintaining the highest standards in health and safety, teachers create an environment where children can learn and thrive.

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Preschool Health and Safety Matters

From preventing harm from known safety risks to promoting children’s medical, nutritional, oral, and mental health, educators and program directors act as children’s daily protection and support. With suggestions, ideas, activities, and ways to involve families at home, Preschool Health and Safety Matters covers topics such as hygiene, injury prevention, mental health, diversity, nutrition, and safety.

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Beyond physical health, our health and safety resource books offer tools for educators working with traumatized children. Our authors, early childhood development experts, identify signs to look out for that might indicate a child has experienced or is currently experiencing trauma and suggest ways to help these children develop the social emotional skills they will need to cope. 

Our health and safety resource books aim to address the most challenging problems that teachers encounter to help students and support families. Browse our collection from Gryphon House’s award winning authors.