Classroom Management

A chaotic classroom can hamper a teacher’s ability to educate and hinder a child’s ability to learn. Our resources provide tested and proven strategies for prevention and intervention of disruptive classroom behaviors. Our goal is to help teachers create and maintain a classroom community that is respectful, engaged and learning.

From advice on how to help a child who is acting out, to helping a child cope with the loss of a loved one, to bullying prevention activity ideas, both new and seasoned early childhood educators will benefit from the creative strategies for addressing problematic behaviors in the classroom featured in our resource books.

Featured Book

When Nothing Else Works

With the help of this book, teachers will learn to utilize a variety of shared creative strategies and techniques—from aromatherapy to affirmations—to address and adjust problematic behavior in the classroom while simultaneously promoting resilience and active engagement in learning.

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With the transition to more inclusive classrooms, general education teachers are often co-teaching children with special needs including autism and ADHD. Inclusive classrooms offer many benefits but can also pose unique challenges and behavioral concerns. In our resources, you’ll find practical approaches to managing behavior problems in children with special needs.

In addition to strategies for addressing problematic behavior, our resources provide insight on how to design a classroom environment to positively influence all areas of young children's development. Our resources for teachers are filled with ideas and suggestions for learning centers that will create rich exploration opportunities and enhance any educational environment.