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Who Is That Tapping On My Web?

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6

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1. During circle time, tell the children that a spider knows there is an insect in her web when
she feels the movement of the insect.
2. Ask the children to form a circle and explain that you will select one child to be the spider
and one child to be the insect. The spider will be blindfolded in the middle of the circle. After
the spider is blindfolded, you will choose a child to be the insect by tapping on the child’s
head. You will then tell the child who is the insect to tap her feet so the spider will know
where she is.
3. The child who is the spider must find the child who is tapping her feet.
4. When the spider catches the child playing the insect, the child playing the insect becomes the
spider. This process continues until everyone has had a chance to be spider or insect.
More to do
Art: Provide the children with yarn, glue and paper and encourage them to make their own spider webs.

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