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Various job-related props, pictures, and activities


1. Invite parents to come in and talk about their jobs for ten minutes. Reassure
them that teachers will be there to help and that you can meet with them
beforehand if they need help planning.
2. Suggest the use of props, pictures, and hand-on activities. Assure them that
any job is interesting to four-year-olds!
3. Examples of props and activities parents can use are:
* Bank employee to bring logo giveaways and a money chart from the
* Community band member to bring uniform and instrument; lead a class
* Real estate agent to bring copies of pictures of houses to color
* Deli worker to bring rubber gloves, cardboard squares, white plastic
wrap, and tape so children can wrap their own “cheese”
* Medical technician to bring a microscope and germ slides
* Factory worker to bring products in various stages of completion
* Accountant to bring adding machines
More to do
Art: Make art projects using real occupational tools such as tweezers, eyedroppers,
or potter’s tools.
Dramatic Play: Set up stations in the classroom for children to act out jobs. For
example, set up a doctor or veterinarian office in the Housekeeping Center and a
post office in the Writing Center. Encourage the children to play “beauty salon”
with dolls or practice carpentry at the workbench. Put artist’s tools in the Art
Games: Play a memory take-away game using occupational tools.
Language: Help the children decorate and sign thank-you cards.
Manipulatives: Put puzzles and books about jobs and tools on the shelves.

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