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Presidents’ Day Play at Learning Centers!

The third Monday of every February is Presidents’ Day! Do this fun activity from The GIANT Encyclopedia of Learning Center Activities for Children 3 to 6 with your children to help them think about our presidents (Washington and Lincoln in particular) and what they have done for our country.


 What to Do

  1. Show the children pictures of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Explain what a president does, and talk about what each of these past American presidents did.
  2. Give each child an outline (coloring-book style) of both presidents to color. Cover them with clear contact paper to make place mats.
  3. Tell the children that Lincoln grew up in a log cabin (and that this is how “Lincoln Logs” got their name!). Let the children make their own “log cabins” by gluing sticks to small, empty milk cartons.
  4. Tell the children the legend about George Washington and cherry trees. Encourage the children to make their own “cherry trees.” Provide straws and watered-down black paint. Demonstrate how to use a straw to blow a spot of black paint on white paper until it forms a tree-like shape. After they have dried, let the children use red paint to make fingerprint “cherries” on the tree.


This activity was originally published in The GIANT Encyclopedia of Learning Center Activities for Children 3 to 6 and was submitted by Lisa Chichester of Parkersburg, WV. 

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