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Math Activity for Your Infant: One, Two, Three, Kick!

Math Activities for Infants | Gryphon House

Long before a child can count to ten, important math concepts such as rhythm and recognizing patterns can be introduced during playtime with an infant. This simple math activity for babies introduces these important concepts along with promoting the development of the baby’s motor skills.


One, Two, Three, Kick!

  • Show your little one how you can hold on to the side of a chair and kick your leg in the air.
  • Encourage him to copy you.
  • Say, “One, two, three, kick!” and kick your leg in the air on the word kick.
  • Listening for the word kick is a lot of fun for babies, and kicking a leg into the air develops their muscle strength.
  • Kick in the front, kick to the side, and kick in the back.
  • Try counting in a soft voice and saying the word kick in a big voice.


What brain research says:

Physical movement stimulates not only muscle and bone development, but also brain growth and development. Research shows that physical activity stimulates the brain to develop connections and pathways between neurons. Active neurological pathways are critical to intellectual and cognitive growth.


This activity is ideal for babies 9 to 12 months old but can be modified for use with younger infants. Lay the baby on her back on a soft surface, such as a blanket, and say, “One, two, three, kick!” and on the word kick, gently move one of the baby’s legs.

Math Activities for Infants | Gryphon House


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