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Make a Bird Book


Construction paper, white and other colors Stapler
Crayons, markers, pencils Date stamp


1. Encourage the children to design pages for a bird book. They may want to draw outlines of birds on some of the pages, to be colored in according to the colors of birds they see. In this book, they will be able to record the birds they observe, depending on their ages, by drawing pictures or writing words to describe the birds.
2. Let the children put the pages in the order they want.
3. An adult staples the pages together to make a book.
4. Help the children write their names on the front of their books.
5. Set up a bird-watching area in the classroom.
6. Tell the children that they are going to take turns watching birds. This activity can be one of your learning centers.
7. When the children see birds, ask them to finish a page of their bird book by adding bird beaks, tails and feet and colors to their bird outlines, or by writing words (for example: gray, small, long tail feathers) or making any other type of bird-descriptive picture they wish.
9. Stamp the date on the page (or let the children do it).
10. Let an adult write the place the bird was seen (playground, garden, etc.).
More to do
Math: Make a bird counting chart, and show the children how to make lines for every bird they
see. Each day or week, ask the children to count how many birds they see.
More science: Have the children make bird books to take home and complete with their families.
* Explain to the children about bird and animal migration and watch for migrating birds flying overhead. Talk about when the birds most often appeared and see if the children can figure out why certain birds are seen at certain times and not at other times.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
Center: Science/Discovery/Nature
Topic: Animals
Content: Science
Area: Fine Motor
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Individual Child

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