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Little Red Riding Hood (Left and Right)




1. This is a left and right story. Instruct the children to raise their left hands when they hear the word "left" and to raise their right hands when they hear the word "right."
2. Read the following story to the children.

Little Red Riding Hood LEFT her house with a basket of goodies for Granny. "Now stay on the RIGHT path," her mother warned as Red started towards the woods. Red knew her granny was sick, and she was the only one LEFT to help out.
But as she turned RIGHT on the forest trail, she noticed some lovely flowers to her LEFT, blooming with bright rainbow colors. What Red didn't notice was that there was a wolf standing RIGHT behind her, leaning against a tree. "Good afternoon," the wolf said, shifting his beady eyes LEFT and RIGHT. "It certainly is a beautiful day to pick flowers." Red LEFT her flowers by the basket and looked up at the wolf. "I really shouldn't be picking flowers RIGHT now," she said. "I'm supposed to take this basket of food to my granny. Now I'm late." "Don't worry," said the wolf in a deceiving voice. "I know a shortcut. If you go LEFT on the trail, you'll get to Granny's a lot sooner." "But my mother told me to stay on the RIGHT path," Red argued. "Believe me," the wolf lied, "I know these woods LEFT and RIGHT. This way is much faster." So, Little Red Riding Hood LEFT the wolf and headed the long way to Granny's. But that slick old wolf took the short cut and soon he was RIGHT at Granny's front door. He didn't bother knocking. He burst in, tied granny up, and LEFT her in the coat closet. Eventually, Red made it to Granny's house and tapped on the door. "Who is it?" the wolf asked in a high voice. "It's me. Little Red Riding Hood." "Come RIGHT in, dear." She slipped in, LEFT the basket and flowers on the table, and walked up to Granny, who was lying in bed. Red thought that Granny must be really sick. She looked downright awful! "Granny, what big ears you have," Little Red Riding Hood said, a bit suspicious. "The better to hear you with, my dear," the wolf said, perking up his LEFT ear a little. "Granny, what a big nose you have," Little Red Riding Hood said. "Wouldn't anyone in their RIGHT mind want a big nose to smell those lovely flowers you picked for me?" the wolf asked. "Granny," Red blurted out nervously, "What big teeth you have!" "The better to eat you with!" the wolf yelled as he sprang from the bed. Red screamed and ran. The wolf chased her around and around the table, panting with what little breath he had LEFT. A woodsman nearby heard the racket and knew RIGHT away that it was the pesky old wolf. He came charging in, looked the wolf straight in the eyes, and LEFT him no choice. "You leave RIGHT now and never let me catch you around these woods again!" the woodsman demanded. So, the wolf LEFT. Red and the woodsman helped Granny out of the closet, making sure she was all RIGHT. Red set the table and took the food from the basket. "LEFTovers again!" Granny said with a wink. They all had a big laugh, and lived happily ever after.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Group or Circle Time
Topic: Letters/Sounds/Words
Content: Literacy
Area: Language
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Large Group

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