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Lesson Plan Idea: Shapes for Kids

Shapes for Kids | Lesson Plan


Teach how to identify and continue a pattern with this fun patterning game for kids. This shapes game for preschoolers is perfect for ages 4 and up and is a great introduction of triangles for kids. Taken from Learn Every Day About Shapes, this book provides plenty of shapes for kids to learn basic geometry.


Learning Objectives

The children will:

  1. Recognize triangles.
  2. Learn how to identify and continue a pattern.


  • blue
  • pattern
  • red
  • triangle
  • yellow


  • red, yellow, and blue cut-out paper triangles

What To Do

  1. Display the triangles and ask the children to name the shapes and colors.
  2. Demonstrate an ABAB pattern with the red and yellow triangles, and challenge the children to continue the pattern.
  3. Beside the ABAB pattern, begin an AABB pattern with the red and blue triangles, and challenge the children to continue this pattern at the same time.
  4. After the children have continued the first two patterns for some time, begin an ABCABC pattern, using all three colors. Challenge the children to continue that pattern.
  5. Create different patterns for the children to continue, and then have them design their own patterns.

Teacher-To-Teacher Tips

  • Store the paper triangles in zipper-closure bags in the math center, and encourage the children to create patterns during center time.
  • For an advanced challenge, suggest that the children count the number of triangles in each pattern, as well as the number of ABAB, AABB, and ABCABC clusters in each pattern.


Do You Know What Has Three Sides? by Laura Wynkoop

(Tune: "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

Do you know what has three sides,

Has three sides, has three sides?


Do you know what has three sides?

A triangle, that's what!



To assess the children's learning, consider the following:

  • Given the paper triangles, can each child name the shape he sees?
  • Display ABAB, AABB, and ABCABC patterns. Can the child identify and continue the patterns?



For more activities to introduce shapes for children get your copy of Learn Every Day About Shapes today.

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