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Learning Every Day

Sometimes, young children and adults hold the common misconception that learning has to take place in a classroom or a similar structured environment. But the truth is that learning can take place anywhere and every day. In fact, we never stop learning as each day offers an opportunity to seek out the topics we want to know more about.

The Learn Every Day series by Kathy Charner embodies this concept, taking topics children love learning about and applying them to every day situations. The series covers topics ranging from colors to shapes to numbers to  bugs and spiders! Every book offers teachers 100 activities that make learning fun and engaging for both you and your children. To give you a taste of how the books can be applied wherever your days may take you, check out these two activities 

If you're taking  a beach trip this summer, check out how easy it is to take activities from two of the Learn Every Day books with you for your children to learn as they play!

Summer Sandcastles

Learning Objectives

  • Use tools to build sandcastles in the sand
  • Develop small and large motor skills
  • Develop sharing and cooperative play skills


  • sand 
  • beach
  • sandcastle
  • shovel
  • pail
  • seashell


  • Make sure the seashells are sprinkled in the sand.

What to Do

  1. Ask your kids if they've ever built a sandcastle before.
  2. Discuss their experiences, and ask what they used to make their sandcastles.
  3. Show the children the materials and have them use the shovels and pails to build sandcastles. Seashells can be used for decoration.


A Grand Castle by Laura Wynkoop: Let's go to the beach, it's a bright summer day! Let's play by the water for hours. We'll make a grand castle from water and sand With a drawbridge and lots of tall towers.


To see how children have learned, assess:

  • Are the children able to use tools well enough to build sandcastles?
  • Can the children use describing words to share what they enjoy about making sandcastles?


The Sandcastle by M.P. Robertson
The Sandcastle Contest by Robert Munsch
Watch Me Build a Sandcastle by Jack Otten

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Buried Treasure

Learning Objectives

  • Use their five senses
  • Develop their critical thinking skills
  • Identify and match like numbers


  • dig
  • feel
  • find
  • numbers
  • sand
  • touch



  • Tape a number card on each sand toy.
  • Display the sand toys near the sand table so the numbers are showing.
  • Bury the five plastic numbers beneath the sand.

What To Do

  1. Ask children to identify the numbers on the sand toys.
  2. Explain that there are matching numbers buried in the sand. Challenge the children to dig through the sand to find the plastic numbers.
  3. Encourage the children to feel the numbers they find and try to identify them before they lift them from the sand.
  4. Have the children display each number they find beside the sand toy with the matching number. Congratulate the children as they locate numbers and match them.
  5. Hide the numbers again to play again!

Tip: For older children, use numbers 1-10 or print a number word on the sand toy and have children match numbers with number words.


To see how children have learned, assess:

  • Can the child identify numbers by touch only?
  • Can the child match the number she pulled from the sand to the matching number attached to one of the sand toys?


Blast Off ! A Space Counting Book by Norma Cole
Monster Math by Grace Maccarone
Ten in a Bed by Penny Dale

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