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It’s a Shoe-in!


variety of footwear (such as boots, high-heeled shoes, sneakers, cleats, sandals,
swim shoes, slippers, men’s dress shoes, and so on)
cash register
play money
shopping bags
full-length mirror
several small chairs
dot stickers


1. Take a field trip to a local shoe store. Let the children look at all the different
types of shoes. Talk about why people need different types of footwear.
2. If possible, invite a shoe store employee to visit the classroom. Ask him or her
to bring along the instrument used to measure customers’ feet and use it to
measure each child’s foot. Make a note of each child’s shoe size.
3. Make a shoe size graph. Make a line graph that shows the children’s shoes
sizes from smallest to largest.
4. Set up a shoe store in the classroom. Put a variety of shoes on low shelves
and place a table near the shoes. Place the shoehorn, cash register, and the
shopping bags on the table. Put a full-length mirror near the shoes.
5. Give each child some play money.
6. Encourage the children to use the materials freely. They can take turns
playing customers and shoe store clerks.
7. Ask the children how much each pair of shoes should cost. Let them use dot
stickers to make small price tags for each pair of shoes.
8. Children can try on a variety of shoes and choose a pair to “purchase.” The
“customers” take their shoes to the register and pay for them. The “clerk” rings
up the sale, takes money, makes change, and puts the shoes in a shopping
More to do Dramatic Play: Set up a shoeshine stand. Put empty polish containers,
shoeshine cloths, and polishing brushes in a bucket. Encourage the children to
use the materials to pretend to shine their new shoes.
Math: Measure each child’s foot with a ruler and graph the information.

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