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Hello Jack Frost!

Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 3-Year-Olds





The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor


3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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Large pieces of clear plastic (fabric shops sell it by the yard)
Aluminum pans
White glue
Clear crystal glitter


1. Cut clear plastic into pieces to fit windowpanes.
2. Tape the pieces to a newspaper-covered table.
3. Pour glue into aluminum pans and dilute it with water.
4. Encourage the children to put their hands into the glue mixture and smear it
all over the plastic surfaces.
5. Help the children wash their hands. Then, encourage them to shake clear
glitter onto the wet glue, make squiggle designs (or letters if the child is writing).
6. Allow the pieces to dry.
7. Tape the “frosted” panes into the windows.
More to do
Outdoors: On a cold morning, take the children outside for a “frost walk” to
see, touch, and hear frost crunch as they step on the grass. Return later in the
day. Ask them what happened to the frost.
Science: Make a “Jack Frost Trap.” With the children, secure two pieces of clear
plastic to a picnic table when frost is predicted that night. Early the next morning,
go outside and observe the frosty plastic. Ask the children what will happen if
they take one inside and what will happen if they leave one outside. Then, take
one in and leave one outside. Observe and discuss the changes.
Related poem
“Jack Frost” (Anonymous)
Jack Frost rapped on the windowpane
And knocked on the door with his icicle cane.
“Excuse me,” I said,
“The door is shut tight.
I’d rather you not come in tonight.”
So he wrote his name all over the glass,
And the baby sneezed when she heard him pass.

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