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Hands-on Exploration! Smooth Operator: Feeling Hands and Faces

Sensory Learning for Toddlers | Gryphon House

Make the most of change time or after bath time with this sensory activity for toddlers! Close contact with your toddler will have a positive effect on personal relationships later in life. Like baby massage, this activity will help bond the relationship between you and your child.

What You Need:

  • Baby lotion or perfume-free moisturizer
  • A shallow tray or plastic container

What To Do:

  1. Put some lotion on the tray or in the container.
  2. Sit beside your baby or toddler.
  3. Put a finger in the lotion and fit between your finger and thumb. Smooth some on your own hand.
  4. Encourage your child to touch and feel the lotion. With one finger, gently put a little lotion on his hand or cheek. Spread it out, massaging it into his skin. Talk about what you are doing. This will help him understand what he is feeling.
  5. Then, encourage him to spread lotion on your hand or arm. Talk about how nice it feels.

Ready for more? Use perfumed massage oils instead of lotion (choose mild scents and reputable brands). Play together at bathing and then putting lotion on a baby doll.

Helpful Hints
Some children find any sort of massage very relaxing and may fall asleep! Make sure your child is safely supported, particularly if he is very young. Talk all the time about what you are doing and what he might be feeling. Use words like soft, smooth, and gentle, and name the parts of the body being massaged—arm, hand, finger, cheek, and so on.


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