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Go Anywhere Games for Babies!

Your baby can play and learn wherever you go--on the road, in the air, out to dinner, or back at home! Go Anywhere Games for Babies is a handy little book packed with learning and bonding games designed for each stage of your baby’s first year.

Develop your baby’s listening skills on the go:

High and Low

(for 0-3 months)

One of the newborn’s most highly developed abilities is responding to sound, including the difference between high- and low-pitched sounds.

  • Hold your baby close to you, and say her name in a soft, high-pitched voice. For example, “Susie, Susie, I love you.”
  • Next, say the same words in a soft, low-pitched voice.
  • Alternate between high and low several times.


Develop your baby’s body awareness on the go:

The Kissing Game

(for 3-6 months)

Hold your baby in your arms and recite the poem, kissing each part of the body named as you sing each line:

Kissy, kissy fingers,

Kissy, kissy toes,

Kissy, kissy baby,

On your kissy nose.

I love to kiss your fingers,

I love to kiss your toes,

I love to kiss my baby,

On your kissy nose.


Develop your baby’s motor skills on the go:

Fast Food Fun

(for 6-9 months)

To entertain your baby while at a restaurant, make a simple toy for the child to play with.

  • Take the lids from several drinking cups and put them on one straw, leaving space between each lid.
  • Show your baby how to take the lids off and put them on again.
  • Let the baby try it by herself.


Develop your baby’s language skills on the go:

The Snail

(for 9-12 months)

  • Cup one hand. While reciting the poem, creep the fingers of the other hand into the cupped one.

Hand in hand you see us well,

Creep like a snail into his shell,

Ever nearer, ever nearer,

Ever closer, ever closer,

Very snug indeed your dwell,

Snail within your tiny shell.




  • Cup your hand and let your baby creep your fingers into it.
  • Show your baby how to cup her hand. Creep your fingers into it.

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