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Giving Thanks to Loved Ones: A Thanksgiving Activity

Help children give thanks to all of the important people in their lives with this classroom and learning center activity from The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities for Children 3 to 6.


What to Do:

  1. Send a note home asking parents to send in family photos, or take pictures of family members in class during drop-off and pick-up times.
  2. At circle time, show the children the real or fake food. Discuss the qualities of each food.
  3. Let each child place a piece of food in the basket.
  4. Talk about what it means to be thankful. Focus the discussion on people that the children are thankful for and why, such as parents, siblings, friends, and so on.
  5. Give each child a premade book (three pieces of paper stapled together). Have them glue their photos in their books and dictate why they are thankful for that particular person.
  6. Send each child’s book home and encourage a discussion at home about thankfulness.

This activity was originally published in The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities for Children 3 to 6 and was submitted by Barb Lindsey from Madison City, Iowa.

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