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Fire! Fire!




What To Do
1. Talk with the children about how towns
and areas protect themselves from fire.
Ask the children if they know who to
call if there is a fire.
2. Explain to the children that there wasn't
always an emergency number, or even
a phone. Before phones, towns would
rely on town criers to make information
known. The town crier rang a bell to get
attention, and then told the neighbors
any important news. The fire engine
was pulled by horses.
3. Teach the children this poem about the universal lure of fire engines,
and how people have always wanted to see them.
Fire, Fire (Traditional)
"Fire! Fire!" yells the town crier;
"Where? Where?" says Mrs. Blair.
"It's downtown!" said Mrs. Brown.
"I'll go and see it!" said Mrs. Peewit.
"So will I!" said Mrs. Fry.
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Can the children tell you about the job of a town crier?
l How do people get information quickly today? (email,
texting, telephone)
Book: Learn Every Day About Social Studies
Center: Group or Circle Time
Topic: Community
Content: Expressive Language
Area: Language
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Large Group

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