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Doctor! Doctor!

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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Social Studies




3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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small tables and chairs
appointment book
old telephone
clean white sheets
tray with medical supplies (stethoscope, pretend plastic syringes, blood
pressure cuff, ear thermometer, plastic straws to use as disposable
thermometers, tongue depressors, and so on)
large piece of white fabric cut into triangles for a sling
strips of cotton bandages
cardstock paper
disposable hospital hats and gowns
white shirts
plastic gloves
old x-ray film


1. If possible, take a field trip to a local hospital or doctor’s office or invite a
healthcare professional to visit your classroom. Ask him or her to bring along
healthcare props for children to touch and explore.
2. Ask the children to help set up a hospital or doctor’s office in the
housekeeping area. Place the reception area (one table and chair for the
receptionist, and two or three chairs and a small table for the patients who
are waiting) near the entrance of the center.
3. Put an old telephone, appointment book, and pencil on the receptionist
desk. Put magazines on the table in the waiting area.
4. In another area of the center, put two or three small tables. Cover each with a
white sheet for “doctors” to use as exam tables. Add another small table and
place all the doctor’s tools on it. Name the office and create a sign using
cardstock and markers. Hang the sign over the entrance.
5. Add doctors’ clothes to the dress-up clothes (disposable hats and gowns,
white shirts, plastic gloves, and so on).
6. Tape old x-ray films to a window in the area so that the light shines through
7. Place a wastebasket near the exam tables. Make sure the children throw
away the straw thermometers and tongue depressors after one use.
8. Declare the doctor’s office/hospital open for business! Encourage children to
take turns playing the receptionist, doctors, and patients.
9. If desired, ask children to bring in their favorite dolls to use as hospital
More to do Make an ambulance out of a large box. Paint the box so it resembles an
ambulance. Cut two handholds in each side of the box. The children can use
the ambulance to transport each other to the hospital. Two children can step
inside the box at once, and then they can grip the handles and lift the box as
they pretend to drive.

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