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Do You See What I See?


Large poster of an active image


1. Gather a few children (no more than four at a time) around the poster.
2. Encourage the children to look at the poster for a few minutes.
3. Ask them to find something in the picture and describe its color, shape, size, and so on. For example, "I found something blue. Can you find it?" The other children guess what that child sees. Encourage them to use descriptors other than color and size.
4. Choose one child to begin the game.
5. Once the chosen child has asked the question, "Can you find it?" the other children take turns guessing what it is.
6. The child who guesses the correct item becomes the next child to pick an item and ask the others to find it.
7. Continue until all of the children have had a chance to choose an item for the others to guess.
8. At this point, you may wish to either change the group of children or change the pictures.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Group or Circle Time
Topic: Shapes
Content: Literacy
Area: Language
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Small Group

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