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DIY Candle Creations

Enhance ordinary candles with melted crayons to create a beautiful gift for loved ones this holiday season!


  • Candles, solid color, any size
  • Warming tray
  • Old muffin tin
  • Long cotton swabs
  • Old crayons

Make Your Great Gift!

  1. Remove paper from old crayons, and sort them by color.
  2. Sort crayons into a muffin tin.
  3. Place the muffin tin on the warming tray. Plug in, and heat to liquefy the crayons (adults only).
  4. Use cotton swabs to decorate the candles by dipping the swabs into melted crayon and then brushing them quickly on the candle.

Helpful Hints 

  • Before using the warming tray, discuss safety precautions: Avoid touching the warming tray, muffin tin, and liquid crayons.
  • Crayon melters can be used instead of a muffin tin and warming tray.
  • Put paper muffin liners in the muffin tin before melting crayons, to make cleanup easier.

Seasonal Suggestions

  • Use glitter crayons to decorate candles for winter holidays.
  • Create a Thanksgiving centerpiece candle using browns, berry colors, and other dark-colored crayons.

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