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  • Making STEM Education a Part of Playtime

    STEM activities are a natural fit for learning centers focused on helping children learn through play. Science allows children to explore, inquire, and build knowledge through experiences. The integration of STEM education in the early years exposes children to new methods of problem-solving and learning through their own curiosity. 

  • Preschool Science Experiments to do in the Snow

    Snow is magical! Ask any preschooler what they think of the fluffy white stuff, and the reaction will be almost one hundred percent positive. There’s just something about snow that captures the imagination of young children. It’s a type of weather they can see and hold in their hand, and it’s pretty to look at as well. That’s why the snow is a perfect medium for preschool science experiments.

  • Winter Themed Science Activities for Toddlers

    The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder. By now, your children are probably noticing that they have to wear bigger coats to stay warm and that water freezes when it’s left outside. 

  • 5 Kid Tested and Approved Hands-On Science Activities

    Preschool science activities are a great way to have some fun with your little learners while introducing important science concepts to them that will help them grow and explore the world around them. Science for kids isn’t just reserved for the classroom either! Both parents and teachers can do fun science activities at home and school.

  • Yummy Science for Preschoolers: Ice Cream in a Bag

    July is National Ice Cream Month and science activities for toddlers involving food are a fun way to learn while celebrating this tasty treat. Preschool science experiments give students a chance to explore the world around them in a variety of ways, which also helps them develop in other areas of learning such as social-emotional, math, and literacy. National Ice Cream Month is the perfect opportunity to add simple science experiments for kids, like making ice cream in a bag, into your toddler lesson plans.

  • Preschool Science Experiments with Ice

    Science activities for preschoolers are a wonderful way to sustain the curiosity and eagerness of your little learners. Preschool science experiments help introduce children to scientific exploration while fostering a sense of creativity and laying a solid foundation for lifelong concepts and skills.

  • Summer Science Activities for Kids

    With summer just around the corner, science experiments are a wonderful way to get young children moving and learning! Preschool science activities foster children’s curiosity and inquiry skills. Hands-on science for kids allows children to explore this curiosity while absorbing the lessons in a lasting way.

  • Science Experiments You Can Eat!

    What’s better than learning? A nice snack afterwards! From how it’s made to what it’s made of, food offers a wide variety of science experiments for kids. There’s no better way to get children interested in science than by teaching them about the things they see every day. How is ice cream made? What allows vegetables to grow? Can you really fry an egg on the sidewalk? All of these questions are bursting with scientific possibilities with the fun promise of a treat at the end!

  • Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

    STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—is a hot topic in education right now. Fostering an early interest in math and science opens up a world of possibilities for children to pursue in their free time as well as in the classroom, and STEM projects for kids are great ways to engage children’s natural curiosity. Of course, the oldest and most classic STEM activity for kids is the science project!

  • Science for Any Age

    It is important to nurture an interest in science at an early age. Science activities for infants encourage children’s natural curiosity, and brain games for toddlers teach them to think critically about what they learn. Learning activities for infants and toddlers are fun additions to the classroom that lay a strong foundation for scientific thinking.

    Infant Toddler

For teachers looking to build a well-rounded curriculum, Gryphon House authors have used their science and early childhood education expertise to develop more thoughtful science experiments for kids and toddlers. Our collection of experiments helps to encourage children to grow into young investigators through hands-on exploration exercises. For younger children, our preschool science experiments offer avenues to leverage children’s curiosity and energy. Through these exploration activities, children learn investigative concepts by moving around, and through traditional observation.

By using active, engaging science activities, children are encouraged to experiment, discover, and analyze. With Gryphon House’s books and free resources, educators can integrate STEM methods into daily or weekly activities. Our available resources also lead parents through easy to follow science activities for toddlers, in order to help foster their child’s continued science education at home. Take advantage of children’s natural curiosity through our free, hands-on science activities. Our explorations cultivate young minds by encouraging children to question and explore their surroundings.

Browse Gryphon House’s science activities above and get started today on fostering children’s brain development. For updates on new activities from our team, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, or contact us today! We observe the latest studies and news to find useful activities for educators and parents as they nurture scientific interest their children.

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